Major shareholders

1611642The number of AIM Securities in issue is 34,938,606 ordinary shares of 1 pence each.

No securities are held as treasury shares.

The number of AIM securities which are in issue that are not in public hands is approximately 18.86%.

The following substantial shareholders hold 3% or more of the ordinary share capital of the company:

NameNumber of shares% of issued
share capital
*Mike Goddard 5,571,921 15.95%
Hargreave Hale & Co 4,303,541 12.32%
Miton Capital Partners Limited 3,400,608 9.74%
    Made up of:    
    Diverse Income trust 1,322,268  
    CF Miton UK Multicap Income Fund 1,699,892  
Unicorn Asset Management Limited 2,023,305 5.79%
Killik & Co LLP 1,611,642 4.16%
Living Bridge VC LLP 1,460,000 4.78%
Lazard Asset Management Ltd 1,286,011 3.68%
Chelverton Small Companies Dividend Trust plc 1,200,000 3.43%
Ruffer LLP 1,151,261 3.30%
** Dorian Gonsalves 463,595 1.33%
** Mark Newton 435,507 1.25%
** Louise George 56,607 0.16%
** Andrew Borkowski 33,754  0.10%
** Nick Leeming 24,427 0.07%

Belvoir Lettings PLC has not applied and has not agreed to have any of its securities on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

The total amount of EMI share option in issues is 778,399.

The following directors hold EMI Shares:

NameNumber of shares% of issues of
share option
Dorian Gonsalves 363,399 46.69%
Louise George 175,000 22.48%

The following directors have been awarded options under the Belvoir Lettings Performance Share Plan:

Name                                                                                             Number of shares
Dorian Gonsalves                                                                                          540,000
Louise George                                                                                  432,000

The information on this page was last updated on 16 November 2017.

* Denotes Directors of the Company. 

** Denotes Directors of the Company (may hold shareholdings below 3%.