Highlights 2017

Continued delivery of growth and strong results.


Operational highlights

  • Acquisition of Brook, a specialist mortgage broker
  • £0.3m reduction in cost base from further integration of Northwood GB Limited (“Northwood”)

  • 23 (2016: nine) assisted acquisitions adding over £3.3m (2016: £1.5m) to network revenue

  • The Group now manages 58,020 (2016: 55,756) properties

  • Belvoir won the gold award for “Franchise/Network Group of the Year” at The Negotiator Awards 2017

  • Northwood won the 2017 Gold allAgents award for "Best Franchise" and "Best Lettings Agent"


Financial highlights

  • Group revenue increased by 14% to £11.3m (2016: £9.9m)

  • Growth in management service fees (MSF) of 23% to £7.9m (2016: £6.4m)
  • Profit before tax up 62% to £3.9m (2016: £2.4m)

  • Strong lettings bias reflected in lettings to sales ratio of 80:20 (2016: 76:24)

  • Year-end bank balance of £1.4m (2016: £1.6m)

  • Increased final dividend recommended of 3.5p (2016: 3.4p)


Key performance indicators

The Group tracks a series of financial and non-financial metrics that demonstrate the progress we are making.


Revenue.png KPI_MSF.pngKPI_PBT.pngKPI_Basic_EPS.png