Our strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our expertise as a property franchisor to deliver both network growth and value for shareholders, underpinned by highly professional franchisees and sound business ethics.

Milestones of 2017

  • Integrated Northwood into the group reducing the cost base by £300,000 p.a.

  • Acquisition of Brook to strengthen property-related financial services offered throughout the Group

  • Rebranding of four Goodchilds offices to Newton Fallowell and three to Belvoir

Focus for the future

  • Further integration of Group functions to deliver efficiencies and economies of scale

  • Identify further property-related service companies to bring into the Group

  • Position Belvoir to take advantage of further strategic consolidation within the property franchising sector

Milestones of 2017

  • 23 (2016: nine) transactions completed by franchisees under the Assisted Acquisitions programme

  • Added £3.3m (2016: £1.5m) to network revenue and £351,000 (2016: £243,000) p.a. in MSF

  • Year-end pipeline of transactions with lawyers totalling £2.8m

  • 73 franchisees enrolled on the acquisition research programme

Focus for the future

  • Target to add £6.6m of additional network revenue in 2018 under the Assisted Acquisitions programme

  • Strengthen relations with business transfer agents and improve targeting of potential sellers

  • Position our franchisees to take advantage of consolidation within the sector

Milestones of 2017

  • Nine new offices opened in 2017 including one “hot start”

  • Five existing offices sold on to new franchise owners

  • Development of a new satellite recruitment strategy targeted at existing franchisees supporting new franchisees opening in adjacent territories

Focus for the future

  • Target to open six satellite offices in 2018

  • Expecting to resell six existing offices to a new franchise owner in 2018

  • Match new franchised territories with a portfolio acquisition, where possible, to give new franchisees an established income from day one

Milestones of 2017

  • Property sales delivered a 47% increase in MSF to £270,000 (2016: £184,000) from the Belvoir network with 109 (2016: 93) of Belvoir offices having now completed sales training

  • Three of the Newton Fallowell estate agents took up the lettings franchise for their territory

  • Acquisition of Brook to enhance revenue opportunities from financial services

Focus for the future

  • Drive to maximise revenue from financial services and insurance products

  • Continue to focus on improving reputation of local offices through online reviews

  • Ongoing encouragement of franchisees to proactively offer additional services

Milestones of 2017

  • Belvoir won Gold at The Negotiator Awards for Franchise or Large Group of the Year

  • Northwood won Best Lettings Agency in the allAgents Awards based entirely on customer reviews

  • Belvoir Group Marketing team undertook Northwood brand refresh

  • Alignment of Group marketing suppliers to achieve economies of scale

Focus for the future

  • New Belvoir website for 2018 with more emphasis on lead management and conversion

  • Further success with key industry awards across all brands

  • Drive additional value by utlilising economies of scale wherever appropriate and, most importantly, using learnings to further improve each brand’s marketing success

  • Increase focus on digital marketing to generate and convert leads